Posted on May 10, 2019

Skin Renewal (Fourways)

We've all experienced the odd breakout or had patches of red itchy skin, but what if it never goes away? How can you tell the difference between a sensitive skin or a sensitised (reactive) skin?

What is a sensitive skin?
In basic terms, sensitive skin is a type prone to redness, irritation, and dryness. When you apply a product, you might notice tingling, stinging, and might occasionally develop flaky patches. This is all because the outermost layer of the skin is thinner and weaker, compromising it's protective barrier, and causing compounded irritation.

What is sensitised skin?
While many think they have sensitive skin it is often over diagnosed, most fall into the sensitised skin trap. Sensitised skin is often the result of "something" you are unwittingly doing to yourself. For instance you could be triggering sensitivity through over-exfoliation and an overly intense skin care regimen, trying to do too much at once.

It is always best to see professional advice when it comes to skin diagnosis and product recommendation. A medical aesthetic doctor can assess your regime, lifestyle and medical history and help you to correct your skin restoring balance once more.

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